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I'm Jeremy McAnally, and welcome to my small yet attractive corner of The Web™. You can do anything here. Perhaps not as much as you can at other sites, but still. Keep scrollin' to learn more about the work I do, hobbies I'm into, and, perhaps, if you're lucky, a little about the Mongolian city of Tugrug.

Blog arrival is imminent. Prepare yourself for interesting writings and other curiosities.



I do a lot of mixed media work across genres and media. When I'm painting, I primarily work in acrylics with a preference for painting on bare wood surfaces rather than canvas. I often experiment with mixing tools such as laser cutters and 3d printers into traditional art.

My work has been featured in a few places, and if you want to see it on display or sale somewhere, follow me on social media, because, trust me, I'll promote the crap out of wherever that's happening.

I've been doing more of my art under the name j.remy, so you might see that somewhere. That's not me being pretentious. It's just that there's another chap with the same name (what are the odds, right?) who's also trying to make it as an artist. I'm just avoiding any confusion!

If you're interested, you can learn more at my super special art site.

dollhouse miniatures

I've always loved miniature things, so I started making my own. I make furniture, linens, rugs, decor, and so on, operating mostly in 1:12 scale (but I can do others!).

I have a collection of midcentury influenced designs up currently, but I'm going to expand into more rustic/farmhouse type stuff very soon.

Check them out at my shop Rather Small.

board games

I'm working on developing board games with the guiding principle of developing small games with deep mechanics. So far I've only produced a few simple card games, but more will be coming soon.

If you'd like to buy printed versions of my games, I'm currently selling on the Game Crafter. If you'd like printable versions, I have an Etsy shop for just that.

escape room

I helped build one of the largest (almost 1,000 square feet!) and top rated escape rooms in america. We've been lucky enough to be rated as one of the top 10 escape rooms in the United States by USA Today readers in 2019, receive the Reader's Favorite and Best Comedy Theme awards in Escape Authority's Keys to Greatness awards, and a Golden Lock award from Room Escape Artist for 2019.

Day Job Work™ pulled me away from continuing work on more games at this venue, but you should check out the game I helped with and the others they have there.

other bits and bobs

After finally buckling down and learning Unity, I currently have a video game project in the works. Hopefully I can share more soon.

I partner with my wife on several creative ventures, which you can learn more about.

more about me

a biography

I'm a happily married Disney nerd living near Orlando, FL who's into making art, writing the codes, and pretending I play music. I've been a software engineer for nearly 20 years, and I've had the pleasure of working for places like Apple, GitHub, and FireEye and working on freelance projects for companies like VW, Disney, and Harvard University.

I like to experience new things. Good and interesting food is a passion of mine, and I've been blessed to have dined at some of the best restaurants in the world. I like to stay on the front edge of technology. I often tinker with new art media just to get the feel of working with something new. Hey, want to experience something new today? Try facing the opposite direction while doing something you do everyday like brushing your teeth or standing in the elevator at the office. I promise something interesting will come of it. Wait, this is supposed to be about me, not you.

I like Burmese food, but I can't seem to find it many places.

when i'm working

By trade, I sling code for computers, primarily for web applications these days. Currently when I'm making that money, I'm a senior software engineer at Sequoia Capital.

true facts

I've been married almost 15 years. My wife is the bomb diggity.

I've written (or mostly written) five books and contributed to two others. They're all boring nerd books that are mostly painfully out of date now.

I want to be an Imagineer when I grow up.

links and contact

my commercial ventures

My wife and I collaborate on laser engraved wood products at words on wood.

We also collaborate on making custom Disney Mouse Ear headbands at EarsJohnny.

We're working on Christmas ornaments at Tree Yoself.

I post my miniatures designs at Rather Small.

I sell my board game products through a shop called Smol Games.

I sell some art on printable products like greeting cards in a shop called printYAY!

the socials

@jm on Twitter

@jm on GitHub

@jeremymcanally on Instagram

@mcanally on Facebook


reach me on social media above or e-mail me at [my first name][my last name]@gmail.

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